Should I Buy Canvas or Framed Wall Art?

Should I Buy Canvas or Framed Wall Art?

For most people, once they see it, they know which wall art they want. Knowing what medium they to buy it in is another matter. ‘Should I go with canvas or framed art?’ is the inevitable question. Each medium of display has features and advantages distinct from one another. Knowing them and what’s pertinent to your situation will allow you to make an informed decision.

Both mediums are excellent ways to display wall art, but there may be one that suits you better. Each may tap into your sense of design more or tie your display together better. Either might also be better suited to the environment it’s displayed in. It could just be a matter of preference. So what are the features and differences of canvas and framed wall art? Which one is the right choice for you? 

Below is a compilation of the key features of each style. These are the everyday reasons that make either style desirable as a display medium for displaying wall art. Is one quantifiably better? Probably not, it all comes down to what you need. After all, art and design are all subjective. But one may suit your needs better than the other and that’s what you’re here to find out.


  • Feels personal: Wall art comes in many shapes and sizes, but a universally agreed constant is that canvas feels personal. Perhaps the wooden frame reconciles you with the labour that went into it. Maybe it is its presence, holding the physical art in your hands. It could even be the feeling of the texture of the canvas. Whichever way, the touch of sentimentality canvas offers has won many advocates.
  • Versatility in display: On a small enough scale canvas and frames offer the same freedom in display. When scaled up, canvas offers slightly better versatility. They can be hung upon the wall. Stood upright in canvas stands. Even left leaning against a wall or floating from string to the ceiling, canvases can be displayed almost anywhere and way.
  • Glare Free: When admiring wall art during the day, glare can be a blinding agony to discover. Before shocking your sense of sight you may even think of how nice your wall art looks. If there’s no glass to reflect light though, then there is no glare - allowing you to enjoy the design in all its glory. Gloss and other finishes may produce some reflection, but nothing enough to mar your wall art.
  • Light weight: In part thanks to how canvas frames are designed, they’re quite light weight. Even larger canvas can be lifted and carried with the greatest of ease. This will help avoid injuries, or even the simple inconvenience of wearing yourself out lugging around an unwieldy frame. 


  • Inexpensive: At the smaller sizes, framed art tends to be a little be cheaper than Canvas. Don’t think this implies a lower quality however. There is as much care taken in the production of framed art as in other display mediums. All the while at an agreeable price.
  • Frames are complimentary: Frames can often compliment the wall art you wish to display. It can add style and elegance, and help refine the arts scope. Further different frames will compliment designs in different ways. Coupled with the ability to remove the actual print from the frame, you can find a striking balance between frame and design.
  • Designs can be swapped in and out of frames: Say you happen to find yourself rotating the wall art you’re displaying and there is one design in a frame that you adore. Rather than accepting your losses and taking it down, you can simply swap the art print inside for another design. An excellent idea to keep in mind for complimentary frames. This has the added bonus of having to handle frames less often, adding to their life span, and your backs.

With the features laid out, making an informed decision should become easier. If all else fails, experiment with the different mediums. It doesn’t need to be one or the other either; a mix could work for you as well. There is no clear ‘superior’ choice, nor will one likely be found. Framed and canvas displays have been utilised for hundreds of years. In either case, you will find a suitable way to display your wall art. Both display mediums ensure your wall art will always look their best. Applying the advantage you have learned today will ensure a long life for your chosen designs.

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