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Everything’s better down where it’s wetter, or so the saying goes, life under the sea has it all. Warm currents, kelp forests, abysses and ravines, coral, the sea is a whole other world distinct yet of our own. The aquatic world has captivated, mystified and even scared humanity since our birth and as the years carry on and our knowledge has grown, we grow only more curious. The beauty and diversity that exists within the sea is otherworldly and serene, a quiet infinity that produced a wholly unique life. The life of the sea has been brought to life by artists many times over across our history, in just about every medium available, from tapestries to film, murals to books, and paintings and sculptures. The Fish Print Collection is here with a series of prints and artwork showcasing the diverse and wonderful life that populates our seas. With favourites like clownfish and octopuses, you’ll have no trouble finding something you'll love.

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